Things That Go Bump In the Night


Shadows and things that go bump in the night don’t have to be scary. The dramatic effect of Shadow Lighting creates a welcome dynamic to your landscape. Think of your home’s exterior  as a canvas that comes to life after dusk. Shadow Lighting is the brush that paints the silhouette.

Shadow Lighting projects a wash of light onto a tree,  shrub or  sculpture that is situated in front of the “canvas.” The canvas can be a wall,  garage,  shed or  side of a house.. The resulting shadows add vivid detail to outdoor entertainment areas  and highlight your home’s curb appeal after dusk. Garden walls spring to life with the dancing silhouette of plants and trees, and the architectural details of your home are softly emphasized.

Accentuate those things that go bump in the night, and your home will be as pretty as a picture.

Shadow Technique


Kiss and Tell

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Walls may talk but porch lights can spin a yarn. As the hushed observer to all that happens under the moon, the tales spun by outdoor lights would keep us in rapturous glee: a good night kiss on the front porch, the quiet banter of guests before the doorbell has been rung, the expression of a teenager as her father beckons her inside with the incessant flickering of the light.
Perhaps your porch needs a quality and tasteful silent observer. Westside Lighting is pleased to stock a full line of outdoor fixtures that will add a warm and welcoming touch to your entrance. With the flick of a switch, create a seamless step from the eloquence of your yard to the charm of your home’s interior.

As a celebration of Spring, we’re offering a 25% promotion.

Westside Lighting – Our Fixtures Shed Light On The Subject But They Don’t Talk

Outdoor Lighting Sale

Bring Beauty Back To Light

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Despite all the hub bub of going green, we remain a throw away society. Today’s TV’s, washers and dryers are not worth repairing. But antiques were built to last. Your grandma’s torchiere is a prime example, likely constructed with solid brass and assuredly crafted with meticulous care.  We have had the privilege of restoring countless antique lights. Westside Lighting can bring beauty back to light with our vast array of antique style replacement parts, cords and timeless glass shades.

It’s not easy being green but restoring your antiques is a great place to start.

torchiere lamp parts

Landscape Lighting Techniques: Moonlighting


Who says moonlighting is tiresome? When it comes to landscape design, the Moonlighting technique infuses warm summer evenings with a relaxing ambience.  We incorporate soft light sources positioned high in the trees to simulate moonlight filtering through branches and leaves. Enjoy your custom light show as a gentle light dabbles amongst the swaying trees.

Call Westside Lighting for a free landscape light consultation. We can’t give you the moon, but we’ll give you second best.

Lighting After Sunset

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Some weekend enthusiasts say the real fun begins after midnight. As lighting designers, we think the real fun begins after sunset.  Sharp architectural features are now softened, proud trees soar even further and practical pathways provide an airy wash of light to welcome guests.

Go beyond the boundaries of darkness and extend your living space with landscape lighting. Westside Lighting provides a personal touch, with on-site lighting consultation. We’ll help create the perfect setting that is uniquely you.

No need to close your sash during the first fringes of grey. It’s time you’ve had some fun after midnight!

A Gem of A Lamp

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This little gem is the ideal One Size Fits All lamp. Whatever your task, this lamp series is suitable for everyone and every need. Equipped with a flexible 15″ arm and adjustable shade, two shade sizes are available: 5.5″ diameter or a 9″ diameter. Single or double headed lamps are available. A hi/low switch allows you to control the amount of light needed.

Choose from white, black, antique brass, brass, nickel pewter, satin nickel and old english bronze finishes.

Try one on for size!

Recessed Lighting

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When it comes to recessed lighting, most people have more questions than answers: “How much illumination does a room need? What types of bulbs should I use? How far do I space each fixture?” with careful planning, recessed lighting offers a multitude of lighting effects.

recessed lighting


If remodeling, plan first, cut holes in your ceiling later! When illuminating an entire room with recessed lights, a spacing of about 6 to 8 feet between lights should be adequate. A farther spacing of 12 to 14 feet will provide a softer light to the room.

Recessed lights installed closer to walls add more reflection and make the room seem brighter. Lights installed farther from walls make the corners seem darker and create the illusion of a lower ceiling. Installing recessed lighting approximately 3 feet away from walls is a good place to start.


1. Accent Lighting – This is used to spotlight items of interest or textures. Requires at least 3 times as much light on the focal point as the general lighting around it.

2. Wall Grazing – To create dramatic shadows on textured surfaces, install recessed fixtures 6″ to 12″ from the wall, and space them evenly.

3. Wall Washing – For non-textured surfaces, install recessed fixtures 2 to 3 feet from the wall on ceilings up to 9 feet high. For ceilings between 9 and 12 feet high, install fixtures between 3 and 4 feet from the wall and space them the same distance apart as they are from the wall.

4. Task Lighting – Install recessed lighting over the sink and work areas to create adequate task lighting. Counters positioned directly under cabinets should have recessed lights centered over the edge of the counter tops. The spacing should be 3 to 4 feet for adequate illumination.


1. Low voltage halogen recessed lighting is best for reading, task, or hobby activities that require white and brighter lights.

2. Standard A bulbs are inexpensive and provide a warm incandescent light that is perfect for your general lighting needs.

3. “R” Lamps feature a built-in reflector that helps cast a warm, incandescent light in either floor or spot patterns. Halogen PAR Bulbs provide a whiter, brighter light than a regular “R” bulb along with a more controlled beam spread.

These basics should give you a great start for creating the perfect mood for your home. Call or email us if you have further questions or require an in home consultation.

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